Are You a C+E driver?

Join us and earn a monthly salary of up to
(after income tax and NI)

You can choose your work arrangement

Polish contract

German contract

3/1 basis

4/1 basis

There's more to it!

Our drivers can also benefit from a bonus and incentive scheme as a reward for their commitment to work. Benefits include:

a length-of-service

allowance for our regular drivers: up to EUR 150 per month

wczasy pod gruszą

dofinansowujemy Twój wypoczynek, byś wrócił do pracy pełen energii

an annual bonus of

up to EUR 1,250 for good and committed drivers

We offer the shortest times until payment!

Your will see your money in your bank account within


after the trip

We know how to keep the best drivers with us!

A company car or commuting costs paid

If you to commute to work, we will give you a company car or cover your cost of commuting to and from work.

Additional insurance

We will give you life insurance – the best offer available on the market!

Access to extensive staff welfare facilities

Our depots in Germany and the Netherlands provide extensive staff welfare facilities to our drivers.

Access to accommodation

We operate accommodation facilities in Germany and the Netherlands for our drivers to take a rest at weekends.

Every weekend off the roads

We want our drivers to rest and relax at weekends.

A modern vehicle fleet

Our new Mercedes MP5 or Volvo trucks will make your driving work safe and comfortable.

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and readiness to earn good money!!

Recommend Duhabex as an employer and get

EUR 400

for each new employee that joins based on your recommendation!*

*The employee must have been working with us for three months.

Learn about a typical day in the life of a Duhabex driver!

Duhabex is an exceptional workplace with development opportunities. Watch a video to see our drivers in action.

A few words about Duhabex

Duhabex is one of the fastest growing and most stable international haulage companies.

Over the 30 years of our operation, we have won many awards in recognition of our achievements both in Poland and beyond, internationally. We have received awards such as Gazele Biznesu, Gepardy Biznesu and Diamenty (Forbes). We are also certified by Scania and Mercedes.

We make every effort to ensure that our strategies and growth plans supported by investment in people and a modern vehicle fleet allow us to deliver top-quality haulage services. This is what makes people trust us, and this trust is our pride and the greatest value.

Join the Duhabex team for

high earnings

the shortest times until payment

flexible working hours